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What makes a workplace menopause friendly?

In essence, it’s a space where everyone feels included, can openly share their thoughts and feel genuinely heard, with their requests for support being sincerely acknowledged.

Do you want to make your workplace menopause friendly?

Embracing menopause friendly practices means that you are prioritising the well-being of your employees and placing them at the forefront.

It’s about ensuring your team knows they can rely on support as they navigate through their experience of the  menopause. To begin, why not explore the idea of launching Menopause Champions in your workplace or community?

What is a Menopause Champion?

Well, they play a crucial role within the team when it comes to discussing the menopause and providing support. They can:

  • Raise awareness and help everyone understand what the menopause is about
  • Promote a positive culture that ensures everyone is well informed about the  menopause
  • Set up a safe space for colleagues to share their menopause concerns and guide them to support 

We are here to assist you in accomplishing this goal.

For additional resources which include training sessions and useful toolkits to aid your Menopause Champion, please visit our contact page.

Menopause Champions Toolkit

Menopause Champions Toolkit

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